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GPH is Nagercoil’s only private hospital dedicated entirely to Women and Children. Offering comprehensive services under one roof has given us a world-wide reputation for exceptional quality of care. Our expert team of medical, nursing and other clinical staff is committed to provide the best care and personal attention.

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[SINCE 1949]


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Personalised care that you can depend on



a doctor with special training in how to care for pregnant women and help in the birth of babies.



Paediatricians diagnose and treat health conditions that affect babies, children and young people.


A doctor who has special training in diagnosing and treating diseases of the urinary organs in females and the urinary and reproductive organs in males


Gynaecology is the area of medicine that involves the treatment of women's diseases, especially those of the reproductive organs.



Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin. It is a specialty with both medical and surgical aspects. A dermatologist is a specialist medical doctor who manages diseases related to skin, hair, nails, and some cosmetic problems.

Dr.Gobal Pillai's Hospital

Provide in professional service

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We Are Provide High Quality Medicine And 24 House Hospital Specialty

Monday : 24 hours
Tuesday : 24 hours
Wednesday : 24 hours
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Sat & Sun: 24 hours

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Service Recipient Says

Dr.Mini and the staffs are very kind and they give individual attention . they take good care of the patients. I have no words to describe their hospitality. They are the best in Nagercoil. I recovered from myomectomy very fast and got conceived for the second time only because of their motivation, guidance and great care. I am very much thank full to each and everyone there. The caring unit in this hospital is the best.

Krish nu Client

Best Hospital in Nagercoil

Sree Narayanan Client

Hospital Is Good. Doctors are Kindly treatment

Nitheya client

Dr. Mini was caring and kind. Gave individual attention for each patients. Was very supportive during my delivery which was normal.

Asika Client

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